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Whether you run an e-commerce or brochure site, a social network or a blog, any website visited by a UK or EU citizen must have the appropriate licence:

Terms of Use
A privacy policy
A Cookies schedule

At Digital Law, website compliance is more than just a legal requirement. It’s a way to ensure complete transparency between you and your website visitors. We help you implement all of these requirements in plain English – with solid, straightforward, jargon-free advice.


We offer a website small print package that provides good governance for both SMBs and large enterprises. This includes terms of use, a privacy policy and a cookies list – the three most important elements to ensure your website terms are watertight and up to date.

Terms of Use

Terms of use are essential to limit liability for your website. They make it clear who you are on your site, what you are responsible for, and whether what you say should be taken as professional advice or opinion. To be watertight, they must be specific to your business, the activities on your website, and the countries in which you operate.

Privacy Policy

A privacy policy provides clarity on how personal data is handled – that is, data about users that has been collected, stored, processed, transferred or deleted through your website. It is also necessary to comply with the GDPR and detail how users can exercise the rights granted to them by the GDPR, such as the right to be forgotten and the right to access their data.


Turkish law requires that you list all cookies that collect data on your website. These can be analytics cookies that collect information about users, such as their location and the pages they visit, to third-party cookies that collect more detailed user data.



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