About us

Cindemir Law Office is an international and national law firm consisting of experienced and academic lawyers. Our law firm, which is particularly experienced in compensation cases in Turkey, has also developed experience in foreign affairs. The knowledge and experience gradually gained by lawyers since 2004 is noted not only in the national but also in the international press. You can get press releases about our law firm by clicking on the “We’re in the Press” menu.

With the decision of lawyer Dr. Hakan Cindemir to practice law freely in 2004, our law firm became known to the public over time. Our legal office operating in Kadıköy was moved to Ritim Istanbul Residences in Maltepe after Anatolia Court was moved to Kartal region and merged with other court buildings.

Cindemir Law Firm aims to solve the problems of individuals not only in Turkey but also abroad with its easily accessible and well-trained lawyers. He helps his clients achieve results with lawyers who have received master’s education abroad, who have doctorate degrees and who can speak different languages. Our equipment is primarily information, we provide preliminary advice on legal problems related to those countries with various legal offices in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, China, Greece and Russia, which we are connected with.

If necessary, our law firm represented individuals, trade organizations and even countries that are members of the United Nations before the Turkish Courts. Our law office, which deals with the most famous cases of the time in the press in particular, aims to protect the rights of both foreign and Turkish clients related to compensations such as injury and death. has acquired sufficient experience in the field of recognition and enforcement, has experience in the field of compensation and real estate law within the framework of Turkish laws.

We have legal staff who can handle different cases with our specialist staff in Turkey, especially in the field of Criminal law and compensation cases. In terms of military law, our legal staff includes lawyers who are well versed in the subject. We can provide direct advisory services on Russian law, Greek law and Turkmenistan law. For the first time, our law office has implemented the implementation of the ICSID Arbitration Award in Turkey on behalf of the state of Turkmenistan, thereby putting an end to the discussions regarding the implementation of the arbitration award directly related to the application of the disputed enforcement provisions in Turkey.








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