Obtaining Turkish Nationality by Turkish Citizenship Lawyer

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This article aims to clarify the matters concerning Turkish citizenship acquisition in relation with Turkish Citizenship Law. The article touched on the questions and answers related to Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship.

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Who is an alien according to Turkish Citizenship Law?

According to Turkish Citizenship Law, the person who does not hold Turkish citizenship must be considered as an alien.

Who are the Turkish Citizens?

A person who is from Turkish father or Turkish mother even they born in Turkey or not are regarded as Turkish citizen since from their birth.

Can alien mother’s illiterate child be regarded as Turkish citizen?

If illiterate child who is born from alien mother becomes Turkish citizen if he/she can prove his/her link with a Turkish citizen via explained above ways:

A ) Declaration of legitimation,

B) With decision of paternity

C) Recognition

Can adoption grant Turkish citizenship?

Adoption does not grant Turkish citizenship to an adopted child. On the other hand, in case that the child’s mother and father is not known or not found, the child can acquire Turkish citizenship.

Childbirth in Turkey is sufficient to grant Turkish citizenship?

The child who could not acquire any citizenship from the mother and the father is considered as a Turkish citizen since from their birth. The children who are found in Turkish territory are regarded as a Turkish citizen.

Is it possible to acquire Turkish citizenship via marriage?

Marriage with Turkish citizen does not grant Turkish citizenship by itself. On the other hand, if the alien shall loose his/her own citizenship by marriage with a Turkish citizen, the alien can acquire Turkish citizenship at the moment of the marriage.

But in ordinary conditions subsequent to marriage with a Turkish citizen, marriage must be continued for 3 years with actual together living. If these conditions are satisfied, alien spouse must apply to interior ministry’s relevant department or if she/he lives outside of Turkey, they must apply to Turkish consulate in country of residence. Subsequent to application, component department interrogates the status of ongoing marriage in order to detect authenticity of the marriage.

What are the conditions of acquisition of Turkish citizenship by means of Council of Ministers decision?

The aliens who hold following criteria’s can obtain Turkish citizenship:

A) According to his/her national law if the alien is stateless, he or she must be at least 18
B) 5 years residence is required prior to application
C) Intention to settle in Turkey must be understood from alien’s attitudes
D) Having good moral values ( no conviction)
E) Having no any serious disease which threats public of the country
F) Ability to speak satisfactory Turkish
G) Having sufficient income or profession to maintain his/her living
Plus , it is recently hold out that Turkey will grant citizenship to foreigners who buy properties worth at least $250.000 USd or deposit at least 500.000 USD in a bank account for more than three years, according to a revised decree that was published in the Official Gazette on Jan. 12.
What are the criteria’s of the aliens to become Turkish citizen by means of Turkish Interior Ministry proposal?

Aliens can be granted to Turkish citizenship by means of Turkish Interior Ministry proposal or decision of Turkish Council of Ministers.

Children of the person who lost their Turkish citizenship. The child must be in lawful age for citizenship.

Person who is married with Turkish citizen and his/her lawful age children

Person who decide to settle in Turkey with the decision of marriage with a Turkish citizen

Person who brought industrial facilities to the country or a person who is having ability to contribute significant values in social, economic field or technical, science standards

Who can apply to Turkish Citizenship?.Can Turkish Citizenship Lawyer apply on behalf?

Person who has Turkish citizenship conditions can apply to the citizenship by him/herself. However, legal assistance is important to fulfill the documents and criteria of the content. Turkish citizenship lawyer can be appointed to act on behalf of a potential citizen by a power of attorney. You can check our article related to it: Appointment of a Turkish Citizenship Lawyer With Power Of Attorney

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