Application for Turkish Citizenship

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Turkish citizenship
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This article aims at explaining procedure of application to Turkish Citizenship. It has touched on required document and method of examination regarding citizenship application.

Turkish Citizenship Law numbered 5901 is set out the procedure of application for Turkish Citizenship. This article aims at describing the conditions and rules of applying for Turkish Citizenship.

Articles 11-13 of the law envisaged only one application governmental authority, on the other hand different application procedures were set out in accordance with the status of applicant.

In Turkey, competent authority for examination of citizenship application is governorship of applicant’s domicile. In case that applicant lives abroad (outside of Turkey), Turkish Embassies and Consulates are authorized to examination of citizenship application.

It is suggested to note that outcome of consulate’s applications are often concluded later than governorships.

Citizenship application can be carried out by the applicant’s itself, attorney can also apply for Turkish Citizenship on behalf of the applicant. In that case, lawyer must be appointed by special power of attorney.

Procedure differs based on the status of the applicant. There are two procedures concerning 1.) Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by means of general conditions and 2.) Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship through marriage.

After application to governorship or consulates of Turkey, the application shall be sent to relevant commissions to be examined. Establishment of commission is needed after citizenship application for examination of the file.

After examination of the application, commission must send application file to interior ministry for detailed examination of the file. If application is carried out in Turkey via Turkish administration then commission must send the file to department of demography and citizenship. In case that commission finds insufficient documents in the file, the commission must give the file back to applicant for fulfillment. Accordingly, commission does not have right for final decision. On the other hand, the commission prepares report after examination of application in order to reflect its opinion about the citizenship.

In Turkey, examination is based on understanding the purpose of marriage. The application can be rejected in case that Enforcement Agency shall determine the reason for marriage is based on acquisition of Turkish Citizenship.

These are the documents required for citizenship application for acquisition of Turkish Citizenship through marriage:

  • Turkish Citizen Spouse’s certificate of identity register copy (From relevant administration)
  • Translation of applicant’s passport with Notary Approval. (Consulate Approval is also accepted)
  • A document given from applicant’s country explaining applicant’s details of identification. This document must explain all demographic information to be reflected to Turkish Records. The document given by applicant’s country must have apostille stamp, in case that applicant’s country is not member of apostille convention (Hague) then this document must be approved by Turkish Consulate in that country. Additionally document must be translated to Turkish.
  • In case that spouses married in Turkey, international marriage certificate (Red Certificate) delivered by Turkish Authorities. If spouses married outside of Turkey, document proving marriage given by another country. This foreign marriage certificate requires apostille (or Turkish consulate’s approval) and translation to Turkish.
  • Notary approval for Pages of Residence Permit Photocopy (The pages which are issued)
  • In case applicant committed any crime (conclusive), approved court’s decision must be submitted.
  • In case that applicant’s date of birth does not exist, a document clarifying the status of age must be given by applicant’s country. It must be approved (apostille and translated)
  • Identification Card’s Photocopy of Spouse who is Turkish
  • Receipt of Application Fee
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