Our Legal Team

Стамбул адвокат, Адвокат в СтамбулеAv. Hakan Cindemir, Attorney at Law , Senior Attorney of the Law Office
Attorney Hakan Cindemir graduated from Kdz Eregli Ted college. He has completed his law licence degree at Istanbul University Faculty of Law. He obtained his law master's degree (LLM) from Galatasaray University, Istanbul on EU law and he was also granted to LLM degree from Kocaeli University related to Administrative Law and Penal Law. He became member of Istanbul Bar Association and founded Cindemir Law Office in 2004. Since from that date, he has been contributing to the law office as an senior attorney of the law office. He is currently PHD candidate at Yeditepe University of Istanbul and expected to be finished in short future. He He specialized in subject of Enforcement law, European Law, Administrative Law, Penal Law and Social Security Law . He speaks fluent English and has a good command of French. He is also authorized as solicator, barrister.
 Стамбул адвокат, Адвокат в СтамбулеAv. Gökhan Cindemir , Attorney At Law 
After he completed his high school degree in Turkey, he went to Belgium with AFSintercultural exchange program and completed his high school degree in Belgium. Upon his return to Turkey, he obtained his law licence degree from Marmara University of Law Faculty of Istanbul, Turkey. During his university education, he had participated in Philip C.Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition on behalf of Marmara University, Istanbul. He became member of Istanbul Bar Association, then after he had been granted to a master's degree, LL.M by Gent University of Belgium in the field of European and Comparative law. He completed his one year millitary duty at Legal Affairs Department of Central Command Headquartes in Ankara with Lieutenant Rank. He is specialized in all matters concerning International Private Law, European Law, Family Law, Employement Law, Real Estate Law, Penal Law and Tort Law. He speaks fluent English and has good command of Dutch and French. He is also authorized as a solicator, barrister.                 
gokhan@cindemir.av.tr mobile 00905325680647

Cenker Degirmenci , Legal Advisor,General Coordinator
He obtained his bachelor degree from University of Istanbul, Faculty of Law in 2002. He had been granted to a master’s degree (LL.M) from Istanbul University in the field of Corporate Law. After having this degree, he was admitted as a Ph.D candidate to Istanbul University. During his Ph.D, he has been granted to a research scholar, and served as a visiting researcher at “Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht” between the years of 2009 and 2010. He speaks fluent English and has good command of German. As regards to his academic publications, he published a book under the title of “Dismissal of shareholder in Corporations”. The book can be found in internet. He is also an expert concerning with Corporate and Commercial Law, International Commercial Transactions, International Private Law, Contracts and Torts.

Independent Certified Public Accountant & Financial Consultant, Taner Cevik
He graduated from Marmara University, Department of Economics / Istanbul. Over 20 years' experience in all facets of accounting field. Analyze, compare, and interpret facts and figures quickly. Make sound judgments based on data obtained. Clearly communicate results of work, orally and in writing. Good working with people and with business systems and computers. Possess high standard of integrity.